Valley Acupuncture

Facial Enhancement

Facial acupuncture draws on traditional Chinese Medicine principles to treat the body as a whole. This means your acupuncturist will try to correct the imbalance lying deep inside the body that may be reflecting on the face. Examples of this include alleviating insomnia to help dark circles or clearing heat to help red patches. You will also receive gentle needling around the areas you feel you would like to improve. Needling these areas encourages collagen, to help smooth the skin and encourage a healthy glow. The treatment is very relaxing and completely in tune with your body.

valley acupuncture
During treatment I felt relaxed and afterwards I felt my skin tone was not as tight and my eyes felt brighter. I feel facial acupuncture is very holistic and works from the inside out.
After facial treatment, my skin felt immediately re vitalised and I found the experience very relaxing.